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Best 5 app designing tools in 2021 – Pros & Cons

Have you been trying to find out the best tool to develop your app?

I know the struggle to find a source to effortlessly develop or design apps. It is a complex process that can be overwhelming for everyone. But not to worry, Webdukes is here to help you find out the best tool to develop apps. 

Keep reading to find out the best app designing tools in 2021.

Everyone wants a glamorous and user-friendly app to showcase their product and service. But it takes a lot to ace it. One tool cannot do all the tasks for you. All the tools have their own Pros and cons. 

So you have to choose the tool, based on “what exactly do you want from your app?

1. Adobe XD:


  • Multiple Participation: People love tools that allow multiple people to work in one file. 
  • Adobe Cloud: It allows you to maintain a consistent library, which allows you to share and import the files which are very helpful for teamwork.
  • Prototype: One of the most explicit features of Adobe XD. It allows you to check how the elements are going to react, so you can make instant changes.
  • Repeat Grid: You can just drag a grid with repeat grid command and it will automatically place the other dragged grid after that.


  • Unable to customize shapes: Shapes are a crucial part of any design. But Adobe XD does not allow you to design shapes other than basic circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles.
  • Prototype has a downside: Live Prototyping of smartphones works only with Mac OS and not with others.

2. Adobe Photoshop:


  • Compatibility: One of the best part about it is its compatibility with both Windows and IOS.
  • User-friendly Interface: There are plenty of design tools that are very easy to use and you do have to dig in to get the best results.
  • High-quality graphic designing: This tool gives you tons of options to export your pixel-based designs.
  • Enables editing Photos as well as Videos: It is one of the best in the industry to be content-aware so that you can move and patch very quickly.


  • Too many tools to understand: One of the best features of Photoshop can also be a con. It’s because you have to struggle through tons of features to understand. Once you understand you can actually create a masterpiece.
  • Consumption: Full functionality cannot be used by the users, as there are too many of them.
  • Takes a lot of space: Since many functionalities are updated regularly, it takes up a lot of space in the drive.

3. Adobe Illustrator:


  • Create high-quality illustration: UI/UX designers prefer Adobe Illustrator for designing high-quality illustrations, logos, sketches, and typography as well.
  • Benchmark for Vector Graphic designing: Professional Designers worldwide prefer Adobe Illustrator as it has set a benchmark for vector graphic designing.
  • Extremely versatile software: It gives you the freedom to create whatever you are thinking of with ease. It also comes with a flexible interface. 
  • Easy to learn: It is very powerful, relatively easy to learn and use, and integrates with other Creative Cloud products.
  • Requires less space in the drive: Compared to other platforms, Illustrator files are relatively small, meaning they can be saved easily and usually sent as email attachments to outside clients for review.


  • Expensive: Pricing can be complicated. There are individual prices for different functions, which can add up to a big amount.
  • Complicated Interface: It shares an interface similar to Adobe Photoshop, which is very complicated and consists of too many functionalities.
  • Lacks tutorials: It lacks free tutorials for advanced graphic designing functions. It can be a little difficult for beginners to work on it.

4. Sketch:


  • Multiple Participation: Adobe XD is the biggest competition of Sketch, as it provides some-what similar functionalities. Sketch also allows multiple people to work in one file.
  • Libraries: It lets designers collaborate easily with the Sync Cloud. It provides you to import and export files through libraries.
  • Device mirroring: You can mirror your designs on devices to test how they look and can keep on making changes on the spot.
  • Pixel-perfect tool: It is best to build digital designs.
  • Sketch Account: It gives you the option to choose between Individual and team accounts.


  • No repeat grid: There is no function to repeat a grid, which actually available in Adobe XD
  • Not for an Android device: Sketch can slow down your machine as it consumes a lot of space. It only has to be run on a Mac desktop.
  • Color palette: Sketch does not enable you to create a permanent color palette.

5. Invision:


  • Drag and Drop feature: Invision lets you integrate images and sketches in your prototypes under this functionality
  • Prototyping: Invison also allows you to check the effects of design on your app, so you can make on-the-spot changes without any hassles.
  • User-friendly Interface: Clean and user-friendly interface for real-time sharing and commenting on prototypes.
  • Compatibility: It is a modern app design software. It is compatible with all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari.


  • Expensive: It is not quite expensive and also allows limited actions.
  • Complicated: It is quite complicated as every other tool or software. This tool also requires some time for you to learn it first.



Okay!! So we have read about the Pros and cons of some great tools. Let me tell you, it does not matter which tool you choose until and unless you are not sure about what you want from your app. Every tool has similar functionalities, it’s just that you have to have basic knowledge about it.

If you are new at website or app designing and development, then you must consult some Website and App Development Agencies.

We at Webdukes have helped tons of people create some classy and user-friendly app designs, not to mention they have been running very smoothly and hassle-free.

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