Steps to handle Malicious software error in Google Ad words

As we recognize, Google browsing ensures a harmless synopsis and executes a broad net to allow only secure, safe and qualitative content. Here, the process is programmed, and sometimes mistakes happen and that’s why your content is often trapped as by-catch.

So when Google ads wrongly hook your ad page as malicious then the only method to troubleshoot them by connecting with Google Search Console and follow the commands and recommendation to make it indisputable that the refusal was an Error. After that, you can acquiesce to the ad.

Troubleshoot the error on your ad with Google Search Console

To remove the blocklist warning, you need to let Google know that you have completely cleared the infection. To do this, you must have a Google Search Console account (formerly Webmaster Tools).

To verify ownership of your website in Google Search Console:

  1. Open Google Search Console.
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. Click Add a site.
  4. Type in your site’s URL and click Continue.
  5. Verify your site using the Recommended method or Alternate methods options.
  6. Click Add a site.
  7. Click Verify.
  8. Check the Security & Manual Actions section to review any warnings.

Even if Google Search Console does not report any issue, there is still some issue that Google Ad has detected.


  1. Download a tool to detect any malicious or unwanted software, such as this app provided by the Google Play store. Learn more about how Google identifies malicious or unwanted software.
  2. Remove any malicious or unwanted software. Google provides resources and instructions to help you fix your site through Help for Hacked Websites.
  3. If you can’t fix the ad’s destination, update the ad with a new destination that complies with this policy.
  4. Edit the ad.

This will resubmit the ad and its destination for review. Most ads are reviewed within 1 business day, though some can take longer if they need a more complex review. And then your ad is good to go.


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