• The extra page will be charged Rs.200/page.
  • Write-Up (Content): • Soft copy of text content to be saved in MS Word “.doc” file format. • Website text content in any other format e.g. .jpg, Excel, non editable PDF, Hard copy of Brochure not accepted. Client has to provide editable text content. • Website text content received to be categorized appropriately (E.g. Home, About Us, Services, Products & Contact Us).
  • Delivery Time: • A period of 5 working days (Gold Package) and 10 working days (Diamond Package), excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays, shall be allowed for the construction/completion of the website. This period shall only commence from the day all finalized materials are submitted.


  • Client to confirm any corrections/changes required for the website before.
  •  Delivery timelines may be adjusted depending on the complexity of the web design and the types of changes requested, and are subject to the submission of materials by the client within the designated time frame agreed upon. • Webdukes Technologies shall not be held responsible for delays if client does not submit the materials / corrections on time.
  • Webdukes Technologies Pvt Ltd will not be liable to Client for costs incurred, compensation, or loss of earnings due to the failure to meet agreed deadlines.
  • Intellectual Property Policy: • It shall be Client’s responsibility to ensure that all material/content/images submitted to Webdukes Technologies are original content and free from third-party copyright or trademark protection, or to obtain permission to use from the copyright or trademark owner.
  • Client assumes full liability for any copyright or trademark infringement of Client’s website on any third-party copyright or trademark, including, but not limited to, any infringement due to website content, website design or the look and feel of Client’s website.
  • Rs.1100 extra to remove powered or designed by Webdukes Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Because we have already provided website design service at a lower rate.
  • Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability: • Client agrees that Webdukes Technologies is entitled to disclaim all liability for any loss or damage arising out of the access to the website, use of the services on the website and/or the Webdukes Technologies services including:
    a) Any damage to or loss of data suffered by the Client;
    b) Any claim based in contract, tort or otherwise for loss of revenue, profits or consequential loss whether of an economic nature or not;
    c) Any disruption or suspension of the website,Webdukes Technologies services or part thereof;
    d) Any error, inaccuracy, or computer virus introduced into the Client’s computer system;
    e) Any claim relating to content, goods or services supplied, provided, sold or made available in the website or by Webdukes Technologies
    f) All and any loss and damage attributable to an event or circumstance beyond Webdukes Technologies control, including but without limitation, acts of God, war, flood, fire explosion, civil disobedience, governmental action, legislation not in force at the time of these Terms and Conditions of Use, restraints imposed by governments or any other regulatory authorities, labour disputes, trade disputes or delays of parties.
    g) The Client agrees that in the event Webdukes Technologies is found to be liable to the Client for any loss or damage howsoever caused as a result of the use of the Webdukes Technologies Services, Webdukes Technologies liability shall in any event not exceed the total fees paid by the Client to Webdukes Technologies for the services rendered giving rise to the right to claim.

By placing an order for website design or other services to Webdukes Technologies, Client accepts the above-mentioned terms and conditions. Webdukes Technologies Services reserves the right to change the above Terms and Conditions and all other parts of the above information without prior notice.