After Spending on the designing & development of the website you will have to think about the search engine optimization & that will start once project finished. SEO is not something that is about ranking you on the top of the result pages but it is something about bringing you the business by ranking you on the top for the keyword or the phrase which benefits you in converting the visitors into the customers & that is what you expect once you have done with the website designing & development.

Webdukes Technologies have developed various ways for Search Engine Optimization and Placement. We understand the need of the customer & the website, so we have different strategies for different websites according to what suits it the best.

We will helps you gain & maintain top rankings, which is what is expected by each and every clients.


All video production is already included as part of all packages as they are designed to deliver local branding.


The required social channels as per the package selected are optimised to position your Brand and drive results.


Webdukes Technologies are the best in class strategy to deliver organic rank and traffic growth for your Business ORM Strategy.


Webdukes Technologies combined with Facebook Management will drive better results and connect your Brand with your best Fans.


Webdukes Technologies combined with Google SEO will drive better ranking and ensure high quality organic traffic.


Webdukes Technologies combined with Twitter Management will help you set trends and connect your Brand with right followers.


Webdukes Technologies combined with LinkedIn Management will deliver better results from your B2B social strategy.


Webdukes Technologies combined with Instagram Management will help you set trends and connect your Brand with right followers.


Webdukes Technologies ensure auto uplift to your Local search rank managed via Google search & maps and ensure search rank growth.


Webdukes Technologies combined with Snapchat Management will help you set trends new & you with right followers.

Webdukes Technologies is a cutting edge digital marketing agency based in India. Our honest and transparent digital marketing has satisfied many of our customers. We aim to deliver purpose based services, tailored carefully for specific business owner. We house services for all—big or small, based in India or abroad. We acknowledge that such a variety of customers need a customized digital marketing service that best serves their needs at a cost-effective price, therefore, we cater SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media or SEM or a conjunction of these services, depending on the business needs. We also provide information about market situation which helps our clients make a better decision in terms of selection of services. We deliver innovative and eye-catching advertisements and measurable campaigns to accelerate your online growth. As a company with wide range of digital marketing services, our deep and personal expertise spans all aspects of digital marketing.

If you want quick, honest and tangible results in seeing your business grow online, then get in touch now to see how we can change your business reach.